Inspiring quote for the meaning of love

Inspiring quote|Love meaning

Inspiring quote for the meaning of love is a great to unlock the hidden potential of our beloved person. Through deep and proper love we can find  our beloved person’s traits and attributes.Then we can help him/her to unleash the hidden potential.

  1. If you love someone, you become fully aware of the very essence of another human being.
  2. By your love, you are enabling to see the essential hidden potential in the beloved person, which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized.
  3. By your love, you the loving person enable the beloved person to actualize the hidden potential.
  4. By making your beloved person aware of what he can be  and of what he should become. Your beloved makes the hidden potential comes true.
  5. Believe that love is not the drives of sex or instinct.
  6. Love is as primary a symbol of sex.
  7. Normally, sex is a mode of expression for love.
  8. For long time sex is a vehicle of love.
  9. Love is not the side effect of sex. Sex is the experience of ultimate togetherness of love.
  10. Love is the only way to grasp another human being. Because this is the innermost core of his personality. Inspiring quote for the meaning of love can help anybody to unleash his beloved person’s hidden potential. 


Inspiration quote for happy marriage life. |Save the family

Inspiration quote for happy marriage life is very much essential in our family life. Huge family crises such as divorce, separation in marriage life are increasing rapidly.
Think your problem is everyday quarrel with your partner in the family. Every day’s quarrel with your partner makes your life hell. You want solution of this problem.
Inspiration quote for happy marriage life will help you.
• First listen your partner’s speech attentively, then express your speech.
• Do not blame your partner for your life’s all problem.
• Sometimes express your love to your wife or husband through speech. It will work as a magic.
• Firstly, do not do quarrel with a partner. Try to understand your partner’s problems empathically.
• Firstly, do not take baseless decision or disbelief your partner. Collect information perfectly about the complaint against your partner.
• Do not flight or escape away from your partner for your ego, pride and prestige. Express your  dream and speech to your partner frankly.
• Always never try to find, your partner’s fault. Nobody is perfect in this world, including you. Sometimes pardon your partner for his/her fault.
• Few days show positive attitude with your partner from your side without hesitations. Your positive behavior will abolish all problems in your marriage life.
• If you dissatisfied for the attitude of your partner, then do not attack him/her personally. Make it clear to your partner on which behavior you feel hurt.
Focus on your partner’s good side of  a  character, which you like most. Avoid partner’s bad side for temporally.
• Always follow win-win policy in family life. Sometimes loose, the battle willingly with a  partner makes you a winner. So do not follow your ego, pride, so called prestige. Follow your heart, soul voice. That will give you inspiration quote for happy marriage life through intuition




Inspiring quotes about life defines the life real meaning. The responsibilities of life are the very essence of existence and life real meaning.

  1. Imagine that you are living your past life at the present time and trying to change and amend your past life’s mistakes. This is the perfect way to show your responsibility for your life.
  2. Try to be fully aware of your responsibility.
  3. Understand yourself for what, to what or to whom you are responsible.
  4. Take a decision, where you will responsible for your life task, to society or to your conscience.
  5. Try to see the reality.
  6. Try to wide and broad your thinking, imagination power. So, that the whole spectrum of potential meaning of your life becomes conscious and visible to you.
  7. Declare you are responsibilities  and you must actualize the potential meaning of your life.
  8. Try to discover the potential meaning of life in the world rather than within you.
  9. Try to transcendence yourself or your human existence.
  10. Being a human always points or directed you to something or someone, other than yourself.  It is a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter.
  11. The more you forget yourself- by giving yourself to a cause to serve or another person to love- the more you become human and the more you actualize yourself.
  12. Your self-actualization is possible only as a side effect of self-transcendence.
  13. The meaning of life is always changing. But never cease it.
  14. We can discover this meaning in life in three different ways: (1) by creating a work (2) by doing a deed (3) by experiencing something or encountering someone (4) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering.
  15. Finding meaning in life is by experiencing something –such as goodness, truth and beauty, by experiencing nature and culture.
  16. Find the meaning in life is by encountering someone means loving the person.

 Inspiring quotes about life, meaning can help us with responsibilities to life. 

Quotes of inspiration for realizing potential deficiency

Quotes of inspiration| potential deficiency

Quotes of inspiration are necessary to understand the potential deficiency or existential vacuum and also realize the meaning of life.
1. As per social progress man had to undergo two fold loss. One is instinctual loss, such as security. Another is traditional loss. Now no instinct tells a man what he has to do. With no tradition tells him what he should do. Most of the time he does not even know what he wishes to do. Instead, either he wishes to do what other people do or he does what other people wish him to do.
2. Existential vacuum or potential deficiency expresses itself through boring mood. When someone feels bored, that means he is falling in existential vacuum.
3. When, someone has leisure hours available, but if he does not know what to do with all the newly acquired free time. Then he falls in boredom and distress.
4. When the rush of the busy week is over and the weekend comes then void within you manifests as a depression, if you are not aware of the lack of meaning in your life.
5. Existential vacuum or potential deficiency is the root of all types of depression, addiction and aggression.
6. Pensioners and aging peoples are also in crises when existential vacuum or potential deficiency created in their lives.
7. The feeling of potential deficiency or existential vacuum  drives human beings to commit suicide.
8. Existential vacuum or potential deficiency appears through different masks and guises. Sometimes frustrated persons will to meaning replaced by most primitive form of the will to power and the will to money.
9. Sometimes, the frustrated will to meaning is replaced by the will to pleasures. Then existential frustration drives into sexual activities. Rampant sexual activities are occurring in that existential vacuum.

Quotes of inspiration| life meaning

1. The meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour.
2. There are no general terms of the meaning of life.
3. We should not search for an abstract meaning of life.
4. Everyone has his own specific mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment, which demands fulfillment. Therein, he cannot be replaced by someone and nor can his life be repeated again.
5. In life, every situation represents a challenge to human being and presents a problem for him to solve, through solving the problem human can give the answer to the question of the meaning of life.
6. The human being should not ask what the meaning of his life, rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked by life.
7. Each man is questioned by life and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life.
8. To life, you can only respond by being responsible.
9. In human existence, the responsibility is the root essence of life meaning.
To realize the existential vacuum or potential deficiency and understand the meaning of life, we need quotes of inspiration



Inspiring words for the meaning of life is very important. If we do not find any meaning of life we cannot discover how we fulfill our potential.

  • Focus on the meaning of your existence.
  • Strive to find a meaning in your life.

          This is the primary motivational force.

  • Focus on will to meaning.

            Do not focus on the will to power.

            Do not focus on will to pleasure.

  • Searching for meaning in life is the first motivation.

          Instinctual drives are secondary.

  • Will to power focus on striving for superiority.
  • Man’s meaning of life is unique and specific.

          He alone must fulfill it.

  • Man is able to live and even to die for the sake of his ideals and values.
  • Man seeks “something” for the sake of which to live.
  • There is something or someone in man’s own life, for whose sake he is even ready to die.

           Finding a purpose in life is very important.

           Finding a meaning to life is very important. 

  • Strive to find a concrete meaning in personal existence
  • Existential frustration can result in neuroses.
  • The frustration of will to meaning is called existential frustration.
  • Think everything from human dimension
  • It is clear that most of us will to meaning is frustrated by our vocation. We actually want to engage in some other kind of works.
  • Search for the meaning of existence is not any disease.
  • Assist anyone to find the meaning of his life.
  • Make someone aware of the hidden potential of his existence.
  • Man main concern consists in fulfilling a meaning.
  • Do not gratify and satisfy your drives and instincts.
  • Do not create conflict with your ego and superego.
  • Do not try to adjust and adapt to your society and environment.
  • Make someone aware of what he actually longs for in the depth of his existence.
  • Your concern over the value of life is an existential distress.

           However, it is not a mental disease.

  • You must have  a desire for a life that is meaningful.
  • Recognize anyone’s good creative works.
  • Appreciate anyone good works.
  • Respect of someone creative work
  •  Trust in a characteristic person.
  • Show sympathy for good poor people.
  •  Intuition is the knowledge, which comes as a flash from the divine.
  •  Intuition is not the result of logical reasoning.
  •  Inspire any one in great and creative works.
  •  Celebrate all your achievement.
  •  Follow simple procedure
  •  Avoid complex method.
  •  Make help is a value.  The human being needs help time to time.
  •  Show warmth to your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Human dignity is essential when it is degraded.
  •  Hope is the incentive to carry any work.
  •  Create importance and prestige as a matter for a few people through awards and different schemes. 

              INSPIRING WORDS| Meaning Dynamics

  • • Men search for meaning arouse inner tension. This inner tension is good for mental health.
    • The knowledge, there is a meaning in one’s life, that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst condition.
    • If anyone has a “why” to live,
    Can innovate any ” how”.
    This word is a motto, which holds true for any psychotherapy.
    • Deep desire for something helps anyone to survive in the worst condition.
    Mental health is based on a good degree of tension
    The tension between what one has already achieved
    In addition, what one still ought to accomplish.
    • Man actual needs are not a tensionless state, but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task.
    • What man needs is not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled.
    • Man needs meaning dynamics is a polar field of tension where one pole is represented by a worthy meaning that is to be    accomplished and the other pole by the man who has to accomplish it. This dynamics holds true for normal conditions, and even   neurotic individuals, it is even more valid.
    • To foster someone”s mental health, Do not be afraid to create a good tension through reorientation toward the meaning.
    Potential deficiency means the feeling of the total and ultimate meaninglessness of life.

    • The lacking of awareness in meaning worth living creates a potential deficiency.
    • If you are not conscious about meaning worth living, then you will haunt by the experience of inner emptiness.
    • The lacking of meaning worth living creates a void within you. That call existential vacuum or potential deficiency.
    • The people who are not aware about the meaning worth living,
    Then they are caught in a situation that called the potential deficiency or existential vacuum.

Inspiring words for finding life meaning can help people unleash their hidden potential.

















Christian inspirational quotes are eternal and everlasting

Christian inspirational quotes are eternal and everlasting. Reading the Bible regularly, we enrich our mind and soul with bible inspirational quotes, which are spiritual and eternal. We will get spiritual power and become a spiritual person.

Christian inspirational quotes |Birth Gift| Hidden potential.

In the bible, Jesus Christ revealed, “All you have gained different types of gifts from  all mighty God as a birth gift. If the Gift is the power of sayings God, revealed as a prophet, then he should speech God revelation as per belief. If it is the power of giving services, so you can give the services. If anyone has got the power of giving education, he should give the knowledge to others. If anyone has the power of motivation, he should motivate people. Who do have the power of donation, he should donate anything to others with kind-heartedly. Who does have the power of leadership, he should lead with passion. He who has the power to help others, he should help others with happy mind. ” VOLUME 6, Romio-12, Verses (6-8) 

Christian Inspirational quotes |Donation.

One day JESUS CHRIST was conversing with religious leaders in Baitul- Mukaddas. After completing conversation, JESUS observes, rich peoples are donating their money in a donation box. Then JESUS watches that a poor widow come and donate 2 coins in the donation box. Then Jesus called his followers and said  “I am really saying all of you, this old poor widow donated much than others. Because, the rich peoples donated from their huge assets. But this lady donated all her property though she is in poor economic condition.” Volume 3, Luke-21,
When any one read the bible, he will get  christian inspirational quotes that will help him to gain spiritual power. 



Inspiring videos can help us to unlock our hidden potential and inspire us to become a self motivated person in life. These inspiring videos can also help us to realize our true purp0se of life.

Watch all these inspiring videos for finding your passion and unleash your hidden potential.

Inspiring videos can become a changing agent in our life if we regularly watch inspiring videos.