Inspiring messages for overcoming fear and negative thoughts

Inspiring messages for overcoming fear and negative thoughts, always help us to change our negative  attitude. Fear is an invisible ghost. There are two types of fear. One’s impact is positive and another’s impact is negative. Positive fears are logical and based on experience. Such as fear of fire. If we are not conscious about fire, then it can destroy anything. Negative fear always harms us. Most of the negative fears are (1) fear of disease, (2) fear of people (3) fear of older aged (4) Fear of separation from a  living person (5) fear of security. (6) Fear of failure (7) fear of poverty (8) fear of insects (9) fear of ghost (10) fear of ghost

Inspiring messages|Overcome Fear:

  1. Write the fear and burn it: Fear never tolerates deep analyses and observation. Uncertain fear is the most problematic cause of our life. Write the fear in a paper and burn it. This is the easiest way to escape from fear.
  2. Make a joke on fear: Making jokes of fear is another way to overcome fear. Ridicule the fear is a successful arm for face fear bravely.
  3. Attack fears with bravely: In your life there will be many difficult circumstances will arise where you feel scared. It may be afraid to face an interview board, met with a new person, scare to get inject, scare to go to the dentist.  You do not feel shame for the fear. Try to overcome the fear. Do the work more bravely, which you feel fear. If you directly attack the fear, then fear will escape away. Moreover, then you will feel joyful.
  4. Overcome the fear of failure: If you feel the fear of failure, you must overcome it. Otherwise, you cannot start the work. Generally failed person for the failure. So, they afraid to start their work. If you think that you will not be successful, then you cannot start the work. Success road is not the easiest way, success comes through failure. Start the work and set your goal high. Use your failure thinking in a great way. Such as, if you do not get expected result of an initiative, then you will decide the alternatives before start the works. Then fear will work as a cohesive force.
  5. Overcome the future imaginary uncertain fear: Most of us feel future imaginary danger as a fear. That will happen in future. What uncertain future thing will happen? If you constantly think about it, you are destroying your present life’s moments. When you focus on future uncertainty, you fail to use your present moment. Use your present moment and busy with your life. The future will take it carefully. There is nothing to scare on life and life spirit. You should use your present to enjoy. Because it will not return to you second time.
  6. Acting on fear: There is another way to overcome fear. That act on fear. Do acting on that there is no fear of life. If you fiercely act in that drama, you do not feel fear.

Summary of overcoming fear:

  • Don’t live the fear in your subconscious mind. Write the fear as a letter in a paper and then fire the paper.
  • Make jokes about the fear.
  • Try to find the reason of fear or source of fear.
  • Do the work bravely which you feel fear.
  • If you do not feel brave in mind, act as a brave man.
  • Use fear as a positive and creative work.

Inspiring messages|Negative thoughts affect the body:

Our brain and mind programmed as per negative thoughts, which we listen from our boyhood. Then negative thoughts create a new reality for us, though these are not true.

Not only, other peoples negative thoughts, but also your negative ideas, thinking, speech also creates a destructive reflection of your mind. Because your nervous system never judge what is good or bad. Nervous system orders the body as per your mind orders or will. What you think or imagine, your brain thinks that you want it. Then brain creates a necessary physical condition.

You do not become ill by each negative thought.  Our body has a natural resistance power. It always tries to protect you automatically. If you destroy, your natural resistance through regular negative thoughts and words, then your life and body will fall in the problem. Then what disease you imagine, you will be attacked by that disease. Symptoms of that disease will appear in your body. The power of thinking and words depends on your mind power level and degree of emotions. As much emotion you apply on your thoughts, your problem will be high and you will get result as per emotions.

Generally used negative thoughts:

We always use some self-negative thoughts or talks. Then we get the result of negative thoughts. These are below:

1) When, I see him I feel tired.

2) I cannot tolerate him.

3) This is a pain for me.

4) After seeing him, my headache started.

5) This food does not digest in my stomach.

6) That drinks does not enter into my throat.

7) Taking this food, vomiting will start.

8) I will be nothing.

9) I have a bad luck.

10) I see nothing good in my life.

11) If I see him, my body becomes irritated.

12) There is none worse luckiest person in the world like me.

13) I am finished. There is no way without die.

14) Happiness will not touch my lot.

15) Still today, I get nothing. I will get nothing in the future.

16) When I hear the name of the examination, I forget the knowing thing.

Inspiring messages|Overcome negative thoughts:

When use these negative thoughts repeatedly, your subconscious mind attached to these negative thoughts. Subconscious mind believes it as a reality. Subconscious mind never makes the difference between reality and imagination. So now, you should be conscious about what words you are using regularly. What you think, what you speak, what is said to you, analyses it. Avoid all negative words and sentence from your speech. If you suddenly use negative words, then use positive words. Positive words will bring positive success in your life.

Overcoming fear and negative thoughts are inspiring message for us.