Visualization is a spiritual tool for success. Visualization means making images of something in our mind. We become that person, what we imagine in our mind or draw pictures in our mind. Our feelings, behavior drive by our imagination of surrounding environment. Imagination is brain language. Our success process activates mainly by our imagination. Imagination draws goal picture in our subconscious mind. Draw a clear picture of what we want, always hold the image in your mind. This picture will change your life attitude. Because, what you imagine, think, believe as truth, your nervous system works that way.

Visualization is the blueprint of success. Most of the knowledge we achieve through our eyes that is three-dimensional image. Therefore, visualization is essential for success. Visualization is not magic. It is the creation of our brain and nervous system. Brain and nervous system drive our mind and body. Brain and nervous is like a computer that drives us to go to goal. First, clearly set up the goals image in subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will work automatically to go the goal. The subconscious will change the directions, if necessary. The subconscious mind will change attitudes, create passions and initiative. Inner motivation created by subconscious to achieve the goal.

Visualization means rewrite the data of the subconscious mind that control the nervous system. Always reflections of visualization in mind and gain the goal achieving feelings you act differently.

Few conditions of visualization:

  • Set up a goal clearly and specifically.
  • Believe the goal logically.
  • Feel you are the hero of the goal.
  • Always hold the image of visualization
  • Start works on goal silently.

Visualization with determined belief and think from success point attracts success as like as a magnet. Always reflex success feelings. Then success oriented circumstances will be attracted to you. When we add belief with our imagination, then it becomes visualization.



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