Mind power is real power. Human has two types of power. One is a physical power. Another is mind power. Mind or consciousness is the real power source of human being. Our body is the home of consciousness. If we attach with consciousness or understand it, then we become successful in life.  Mind power is one kind of image of consciousness. Here is the difference between great men and ordinary people. Great people realize the power and use it creatively. So they become famous. Ordinary people are not conscious about the power. So they become frustrated. They think negatively. They do reactive works and destroy their hidden potential. Great people’s success secret lies in consciousness of mind power, faith on it and gradually use the power creatively.

Mental preparation is essential for using the brain. Positive attitude is the root of mental preparation. To become a positive attitude person, we first establish our control on mind power and activities. If we do not control any power, we cannot use it for our self-development and others welfare. Our body can stay in time and time. However, human minds can travel past, present and future. The body becomes tired but the mind does not become tired. Mind is the center point of all consciousness. All ideas first-born in mind and then it became realities.

Scientist divided mind into three parts. These are conscious, subconscious, and super conscious. Conscious mind always judge things on his own ideas, logic and belief system. However, subconscious mind never considers good or bad things. Subconscious mind works on ideas, plan, and information it gets. Fear, anger and deep belief creates impacts on the subconscious mind. Mind’s subconscious part always listen the conscious mind command. Fear or disbelief always tries to close the door of the subconscious mind from the conscious mind. The Subconscious mind is the bridge to communicate between wisdom to the conscious mind.  Subconscious stands between conscious and super conscious.

Subconscious never stays lazily without works. It needs work. If we do not make busy it for our well being, then it will work with our surrounding environment. Our fear, disliking, unexpected things will be it raw material. Good or bad, what a  thinking subconscious mind gets, it carries the thinking to its logical destination.

Most of the peoples’ minds fill by destructive thinking.  Subconscious mind works on this destructive thinking. Therefore, they become a failure. Who consciously gives the command to the subconscious with faith, the subconscious will produce results to the person. These commands are auto-suggestion, visualization, healing, etc. This is the secret of mind power.


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