Inspiring bible verses are spiritual tools revealed from JESUS CHRIST


Inspiring bible verses are spiritual tools revealed from JESUS CHRISTJESUS full life is inspiring verses to unleash our birth gift. When a child born, all mighty god gives a gift to the child in his soul. When a child grows up, his family, society, educational institution should help the child to unlock the hidden potential or birth gift, which has given from the God. Most of the times, family, society, educational institutions never help the children to unlock hidden birth gift. For this reason, most of the children become a failure in life. They feel bored and depressed. Children try to suicide for the meaninglessness of their life. When a family observes  a child, where the child feel interest, his passion, then the family can early recognize the birth gift or hidden potential. Then full focus on the interest zone can make the child skilled and success for future life.  This success is not only emotionally but also economically. If a child unlocks the birth gift, all the success will come easily.


Bible, 7th Volume, 1 Corinthians, 12  

In these, verses JESUS CHRIST expresses his revelations on birth gift or hidden potential:

“God is one, but special birth gifts are different categories. We give services to the same God in different ways. Every one of us has given different types of works from God.  The same God works within every one of us through different ways. God expresses Himself for the benefit of everyone, in different ways in life. Someone gets the birth gift of speaking about knowledge. Someone gets the gift of intelligence. Others get the birth gift of cure peoples from diseases; accomplish miracle works and prophetic power. Other persons are gifted to speak in different languages or define different languages. All these works have been done by the God.”

Now unlock the birth gift is first work. All other things are secondary. So always, follow the heart. Birth gifts are living in our heart.

Unlock Birth Gift

The family should involve children in different games, sports and works. From these different activities, children can easily find their interesting works. Which works he loves. Then full focus of this work. This is the easy start for the unlocking birth gift or hidden potential. After unlocking the birth gift, develop it through training and experiences. Then success in life is a matter of time.

JESUS CHRIST whole life is inspiring. Inspiring bible verses can help us any one to unleash his hidden potential or birth gift.

Inspiring bible verses| passion| love

Bible: 7 volume, 1 Corinthians, 13

Now I am giving all of you good path.

“If I speak in the language of an angel or human, but there is no love in the speech, then I become a bell ringing on high volume. If I have the power of the prophet  for speaks about truth, if I have all types of knowledge, if I have the power of belief to move a mountain from one place to another place, but I have no love in these works then I have no value. What I have, if I give all this to poor for eating, If I give my body to the fire, but there is no passion or love in me. Then I have no benefit.

Love is always waiting, show kindness, feel no jealousy, no pride, not do misbehave, don’t try to gain personal interest, not become angered, never remember anyone’s misbehave. Love never feels enjoy from evil things. Love feels joy from the truth. Passion tolerates all things. Love has Interest to believe all things. Love’s always hopes in all things.

This passion or love never endings. The prophetic power will be ended. The power of speech in different languages will leave. The knowledge you have will vanish. We cannot gain knowledge about all things fully.

Now we say that belief, hope and passion-these three things lasted finally. Among them passion is great.”- JESUS CHRIST

Passion is an important matter of life. Always we should keep looking for what works we love. We should not settle in any works until we find our passion in work. To unlock our birth gift, inspiring bible verses of passion is spiritual.