Belief is a great power in our mind. Mind power is infinite. If we want to use it, at first we need to believe in it. I can, I will, this belief system is very much important for success.  Belief systems change world histories. Scientists are saying that I will do this determined belief is the base of all success.

The Belief system is a symbol of mind power in every aspect of life that has no limitation. Where there is success, there is deep belief. Scientists always belief, they will invent their desired things. For this reason, they become successful.

George Bernard Shaw was a noble laureate dramatist. His education qualification was on elementary level. Due to poverty, he had to take, clerical job. He had a dream to become a writer. He believed that one day he would become a great writer. Therefore, he regularly started his writings. Within nine years, he becomes an established dramatist. Thereafter, he earned a lot of money.

Joan of Arc was born in a poor family of France. In the first twelve years of her there

is no sign of extraordinary qualities, One day her belief that she is appointed by God for  war against England. This belief made her mad. In her seventeen year, she united the French soldiers against the English and won the battle of hundred years. Finally, she conquered the Orleans fort. What we want, we can get this, if we have a deep belief in our qualities for success as per Joan of Ark.

Not only on success, has belief system had an impact on the  human body. The belief system can cure diseases. Helen Keller had to believe that she would talk. However, his eye; hearing and speech power already has destroyed. Her belief system and devoted recreate her speech power. She learned to speak. She gained college degree. She established her writer. She travels the whole world as a successful orator. Hearing loss and Eye powerlessness did not become a bar on her success. The men who become frustrated for their physical disabilities, Helen Keller is an inspiring example for them.

If we are a man of logical and scientific minded, we must believe in mind power just like a successful person. Our potentialities are infinite. Only we have to follow our belief system. 




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