Inspiration we need because everything is changeable. Joy-sorrow, laugh-weep, earthly nothing is exists able. Our today’s success or failure, nothing is durable. Because   time  is  always moving. Everything changes through time. Bad or good, where the change will go, it completely depends on us. Because, if we presently become frustrated or failure, its roots were in the past, where we used wrong programming in our subconscious mind. This programming can be occurred consciously or unconsciously in our mind. In every failure, there is a successful seed. If we change our subconscious mind’s programming, mind will work properly to achieve success. And we get inspirations.

Not only has the road to success, any journey started firstly from a small step. Through a small step, thousands miles journey started and give us inspiration. When we practice relaxation in everyday, inspirations starts working on our mind. After practicing relaxation regularly, one day we will control the mind power circle. This call meditative level of mind. In meditative level, the mind can overcome all materialistic limits. All saints or Yogi of east turns impossible to possible through the meditative level mind power. All success, cure of disease and accidents are overcome by our meditative level. We can also overcome all our limitations through this meditative level. Using the meditative level, we will be proactive, get success, and achieve good health and disease free life. And also walk on the self-realization life’s path. This meditative level will give us inspirations. Through this meditative level, we will achieve ESP power in our life. ESP power is rooted source of all types of inspirations.

By using this meditative level power, we can use our left and right brain combined. We can achieve wisdom, through successful communication with subconscious and super conscious mind. By this power, we can activate the behind the scene vibration rules for ourselves and humanity. That’s the way we get inspirations and inspire others.

Modern Quantum physics, Neuroscience, Genetic –engineering inspire us to change our world view. Once upon a time science was based on matter. But now science is based on mind. Now modern physics world view is attached to eastern saint’s world view of mind. Continue reading


Inspiration is the great things for human being

Inspiration is a great things for human being.Because everyday we are facing huge problems in our life.So we become frustrated.We lost our inspiration Human being has great potential.Evil custom and disbelief always chain our great power and potential.Though human child born in great potential but they become chained gradually through traditional ideas of society,state and family.He thinks and works as per environment.Though a child become a great man but captive in wrong ideas he becomes frustrated,failed.The main reason of this failure is mental chain,but not merit or we need inspire-tips.

Every child born is a seed as like as a great man. But vested interest groups created mental chain that gradually makes the child a helpless animal.

When we observe the life of an elephant in the circus, then we can understand the mental chain. When an elephant is a child, it is chained by six-foot rod’s  chain. Firstly, the child elephant  tries the heart and soul to break the chain. But it can’t break the chain, moreover it’s legs become blooded. Through its small body, it’s not possible for him. So one time it surrenders to the chain. This way evil-custom and disbelief creates in its mind. It started to believe that he has no freedom from this chain. And this is his destiny.

One day the child elephant become great-one. If the big elephant chained by rap with a small stick, then his belief the six-feet are his world. When the chain is pulled, then the elephant enters the deepest circle of the chain. Disbelief telling him that he has no capabilities to overcome this. Though there is fire in the circus, the elephant doesn’t try to escape. He becomes ashes through burnt. Because disbelief stands him there. When he has the power to pull all the chain with a stick, then he also thinks  this six-feet world is my destiny. This chain is not a rod or stick. This chain is in the mind.

Our mental condition is also now just like the elephant. Every human being, we chained or captive our self by evil-custom, disbelief and vested interest group’s ideas, though we have huge potentialities, power and capacity. We accept the life of the miserable condition as our destiny or luck. . If we died by burning, we don’t try to break the chains. But only one time if we drop the evil custom and wrong ideas, we discover ourselves that we all are  a container of great power. Break the chain of disbelief and wrong ideas inspire life in free thinking. That freethinking is the real freedom in human life. Because free thinking is the base of all success. Belief in free thinking can cure the diseases, transform the failure into success. Belief can expand the merit, use the capabilities, create skillfulness and inspire us.

Humanities started from free thinking. That  inspires human being to realize his greatness. He understands his hidden potential and great power. Greed, hate, fear, instincts are chains that capture the unique human being. Through free thinking, the power of freedom grows within himself for free him from the captive chain. Free thinking attached mind with daily works. If our mind attached to the works there after every work become a source of enjoyment. It inspires human being to overcome mechanism in life.

In our day-to-day works, if we work as per machine, we become bored. Most of the time, our mind travels in the past or future. So we can’t enjoy our present time. For this reason, our present moments become bored. If we attached our mind with every work in our daily life, focused on works, thereafter we become free from the mechanism. Then every work become a source of enjoyment.

Meditation is the root of become free from wrong ideas and evil custom. Through meditation, you focus on your soul. Meditation lightens your soul on new knowledge and understanding. Through meditation you can connect with the universal mind. Your real source of power. This discovery of self power and self understanding is freethinking, that makes you free from all types of  chain and  inspire you.

Meditation also the root source of transforming the daily life works mechanism into enjoyment. Because meditation turns our mind into the present. Meditation frees our mind from past failure and future negativity. Meditation creates connection of new greatness in present every moment and inspire to work. Through meditation, mind enters, in every moment, every subject. Meditation makes ordinary subjects to greatness in new observation. And also inspire life.

Through meditation we can overcome our biological limitations. We can promote ourselves into unique men. We will get our first full freedom. That  will inspire us, unleash our hidden potential and overcome our life challenges.


 Inspire people to unleash their hidden potential and overcome life challenges.