Imagination is a great attribute. Most of the society rejects it.  Societies always attached fantasy and imagination in the same line. The base of all human civilization’s progress is imagination. If man cannot imagine, he cannot create nothing, do nothing, and invent nothing. Without imagination, art, literature and science become dead. Scientist now says that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Imagination means, mind power of creating a picture. Imagination means creating a mental image of something, that is absent from mind eyes. Imagination means mental power of creating a picture from memory. Imagination means minds recreation power. We become what we want is because we have the power of imagination. Our real life works driven by imagination. A chemist use imagination power to see the bond between Chemical atoms. Fashion designer sees the dress through the imagination before create the dress. An artist full picture comes from imagination. Transport business men always imagine, how to the goods will transport from one place to another.  Surgeons imagine the operation picture before operation. Scientists are telling, “We never pay our loan to imagination.”

Mental image means, the mind, the power of creating any picture or image as per any matter. In our imagined world, we can feel, take taste, hear sound or see pictures that is not in front of us. We can draw a picture of flower without touching it, through imagination. Mind imagination power can describes freedom, liberty, and joy without object.



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