Attitude is a great thing in our life. Mental preparation is essential for using the human brain, the biological computer. Attitude is the base of mental preparation. Because attitude drives the mind and the mind drives brain. Scientific research on long time for relationship between mind and brain. After long research, scientist says that mind drives the brain as per programmer drives computer. Brain is hardware and the mind is software. New belief passes in brain through dendrite. Synopses in accepting  the belief and passes it through Neuro -transmitter to axon. This way the brain working pattern changes. Then brain gives us new reality through a new attitude. The new realities, good or bad  fully depended on the new program’s  good or bad, which given to the brain. Good belief creates good reality and evil belief creates evil reality. So really, we can say that attitude is the basic key of life’s new reality.

Scientists are saying that there are two types of attitude. One is proactive and another is reactive. Proactive means in any situation, take decisions and steps on thinking cool brain not emotionally or excitedly. Proactive means never do any works or behave on the basis of other’s   work reaction. Proactive means works as plan wisely, what you have. Never be frustrated what you have not. Proactive attitude always attracts success and winning.

On the other side, the reactive attitude always creates frustration and failure. When we react, controlling of life is not in our life. Control power goes to another person’s hand. When we feel bad on other people’s talk, when we excited about other people’s speech, angry on other’s behaviors, feel good on other’s praising then controlling of our life is not in our hands. Controlling of our life goes to other’s hand.

When we take a decision on others insisting and remarks or take steps on excitedly, then it’s called reaction not work. And reaction never creates result, such as action. The Reaction always attracts failure. If we want to win in our life, we should be proactive. We will get results of proactive ness in our life within a short time. Proactive peoples can create influence on others and control situation on behalf of them. For this reason all great men were always proactive.

In our family life, we can practice proactive attitude. If your wife becomes excited with, you should be calm. If your husband becomes excited with you, you should be calm. A Few hours or a few days later, you will see that she or he will express sorrow to him. What will happen, if you become reactive than proactive? Mental complex will be increased. Then it will turn into separation. On the other hand, proactive attitude establishes influence and controlling on your family.

Finally, we can say that the principle of  proactive or positive attitude is freedom of choice. We should believe that we are the result of choice not our circumstances. In our day to day life, we can practice positive attitude  in a few ways, such as enlarging our gap between stimulus and response. Nature gives us four gifts, these are freedom of will, self awareness, conscience and imagination.

Freedom of will is our commitment stage through which we can respond positively in future situations.

Self awareness is conscious about lacking and weakness and previous history, situation.

Consciousness in our behaviors  result to the affected person and the impact of behavior is conscience.

Imagination is better way in which we can behave better than our previous actions.

If we use these gifts, use proactive languages, invest our time, effort and energy  in our circle of influences, then we become creative force in our life. This we call the power of positive attitude





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