Meditation level is the first stage of attitude changing, mind control, meditation. We know that the brain does the entire mind works.  Electrical power releases from brain. Scientist tells it brain wave. When mental pressure increases, brain electrical release increases. Then brain wave frequency increase 14 to 26 cycles per second. When we are in relaxing mood, brain frequency becomes less. At that moment, the brain frequency is 8 to 13 cycles per second. That is called an Alpha brain level. Theta level is slower than Alpha. Its frequency is 4 to 7 cycles per second. Deep sleep level is 0.5 to 3 cycles per second. It is called Delta level. When we become excited, our brain frequency is 27 cycles per second. It is Gama level.

                                                      BRAIN  WAVE  CHART

Spiritual level         Frequency level               Symptoms
 Stay in Conscious level, live in time and space.           Gama level

27 cycles per second

    Excited attitude
             Beta level

14 to 26 cycles per second

   General wake level, Active      mind, Deep Focus,
 Stay in Super conscious mind and wisdom. Out of time and space.              Alpha level

8 to 13 cycles per second

       Mind relax mood.
             Theta level

4 to 7 cycles per second


Pre stage of deep sleep, creative level, communicate with super consciousness,
            Delta level

0.5 to 3cycles per second

Deep- sleep. Attachment with super conscious


In relax, sleep time subconscious mind become creative and works very well. Because, relax or sleep time, body and mind become fully relaxed. Then brain wave fall from 13 to 4 cycles per second, which call Alpha/Theta level. Brain wave will be a decrease in Alpha/Theta level if we create an environment of relaxing mood in our mind and body through artificial relaxation. Meditation level will be created, if we decrease the brain wave to Alpha/Theta level. Then the door of the subconscious mind’s power will be open. The conscious mind can give order perfectly to the subconscious mind and use creatively. In addition, the conscious mind can communicate with the super conscious mind. Then subconscious mind will start work in order of the conscious mind to carry it logical result in its own brain frequency. Through relaxation, decrease the brain frequency to an Alpha/Theta level is called mind meditation level. 



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