Autosuggestion is a great tool for success. Sound or word is a great power. A Word not only describes the reality, but also create reality. Words are two types. One is positive and another is negative. Negative words always destroy the potentiality of life. Positive words can make us successful in life.

Spiritual leaders were conscious about positive words from the very beginning of civilization. A positive word is recognized in every religion. All religion root sound is a combination of positive words. Recently scientist has realized how positive words can change a person’s behavior and action. Science now proves that the human nervous system cannot make any difference between reality and imagination. The brain wave, which creates in reality it, will also be created in the imagination. This information is a great tool to drive us for success.  One success attracts other successes. If we deeply imagine us as a successful, always speaks about success, in real life success will come to us. There is the inherent power of positive words.

The Scientist is saying that always avoid negative words in autosuggestion. Positive autosuggestion is the root driving force of mind control method.

Autosuggestion Rules:

  • Autosuggestion should be personal.
  • Use full positive words.
  • Avoid negative words.
  • Use present and future tense.
  • Avoid comparisons.
  • Words must be realistic.
  • Fix no deadline for autosuggestion


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