Inspiring Stories for success in life

Inspiring stories for success in life

Inspiring stories of successful peoples always inspire us to unleash our hidden potential. They have believed in mind power and their innovative application of mind power makes them successful.

Inspiring stories: Andrew Carnegie

                       Most of the world famous rich people came from ordinary, poor family. Andrew Carnegie was an American rich man in his lifetime. He came from the slum. In his childhood, guard did not give him permission to enter into the park, because he wore torn, dirty shirt. At that moment, he was twelve years old. Then he determined that when he became rich, he would buy the park. Over thirty years later, he proved his determination. He bought the park. He hanged a banner on the park.” Anybody can enter into this park, any time, wearing any dress”. He donated all his assets for humanity before his death.

   Inspiring stories: Chung Tzu Zune

Chung Tzu Zune was a farmer of South Korea. He founded HUNDAI Corporation. He was a day laborer. He became the richest person of South Korea by hard labor, consistency and application of innovative mind power.

Inspiring stories: Alexandra

Alexandra was a great ballet dancer. In her childhood, she became disable for polio disease. Doctor predicted that she never could walk and sit. Through practice and exercises, she became famous in ballet dancer. Her father believed that she could unleash her hidden potential and proved that doctor’s prediction was not correct.

   Inspiring stories: Alexander Grahame Bell

At seventeen years age Alexander Grahame Bell innovates telephone. He was inspired from Telegraph machine. He thought if words can pass through coding by wire, so why speeches cannot. Then he tried with one of his friends. He was involved in tuition in a family. He urges the lord of the family to give him one room for research for one year. The lord agreed with him. Moreover, gives him the permission. Alexander bought some research instruments and started research. However, a few months later, the lord told him to leave the home. Alexander falls in a problem. Then he found a young rich man who also interested in scientific research. Two of them tried heart and soul to passwords through cable. One day they could do it. Finally, we get modern telephone.

Inspiring Stories: Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanic. One day their father bought a toy just like a bird, which can fly. They become inspired from this gift. They started to make a machine that can fly. Their father always inspired them to make the dream truth. They tried several times. However, they became failing. They have no knowledge about aeronautics, physics. They discover a natural law. That was creating balance between wings and body. After applying the law, they made their dream into reality. Their machine can fly in the sky and its now call modern plane. This plane makes our life easy for tour and travel from country to country. Their innovation makes our civilization progress. Only their father’s gift of a bird toy, inspire them to innovate modern plane, though they were two poor bicycle mechanics.These all are inspiring stories to become a successful man in life.