The human brain is a biological computer. It is a complex, mysterious and important part of the human body. Brain controls all activities of human bodies. Brain is the center point of all thinking. Brain is the source of  skilled. If we want, understand human beings, we first understand the brain.

  Brain weight is 1.5 kilograms. There are two types of cell in the brain. They are Neuron cell and Glial cell. The amount of neuronal cell is 100 billion. One neuron is connecting with another neuron through the fiber of dendrite axon. Generally, one neuron connects with10000 neuron. Some neuron connects with 2 lakhs neuron. There is a gap between one neuron to another neuron. The gap is   called a synapse. There are 100 trillion synapses. Brain works by electro-chemical method. 20-25 watt electric will need to drive the brain. One to ten lakhs chemical reaction occurred in brain in every per second. Brain never becomes tired. It works 24 hours. Brain actives, when we are in deep sleep. In deep mind focusing, energy of heavy weight exercise expenses.

100 billion of neurons divided into three parts. These are sensory, motor and association center. Brain is protected from outer heat through hard skull. Brain and spinal cord combined create central nervous system.

  Brain, cerebral hemisphere is divided into two divisions. One is called right hemisphere and another is called left hemisphere. The right hemisphere controls our body’s left side. The left hemisphere controls body’s right side.  These two hemispheres connect cross-wired. Left hemisphere is active in most people and it control speech, listening, math, logic, language, hunger, digestion, materialistic thinking. Right side controls imagination, belief, sleep, dream, creativity, super consciousness and spiritual thoughts.

Brain structure: Cerebrum

The Cerebrum is the big part of the brain. It contains most of the part of our brain. Cerebrum divided into two parts. Inner part is white, and it is covered by gray matter. It calls cerebral cortex. Memory, emotions are spread in full cerebral cortex. In the cerebral cortex, there is association area, where are combination of motor area and sensory area. The cerebral cortex can take effective decisions from previous experiences and memory. Imagination’s power stays here. Cerebrum makes human beings different from others.  Our thought center stays here.

Cerebral cortex sensory area control listens, speech, touching, information receive by our five sensory organs.

Motor activities control of the nerve center of the cerebrum.

Cerebellum: It calls small brain. Cerebellum creates by white matter, covered with gray matter. It controls and adjust the speed of muscle. So some adjustment occurs during movement.

Brain stem: Brain stem connected brain higher stage to the spinal cord. Brain stem main parts are Medulla oblongata, Pons, Mid brain, Thalamus, Hypothalamus.

Medulla Oblongata: There are four chronicles nerves, which control our all conscious activities in head, neck and shoulder. Medulla oblongata is the source of all involuntary activities. Cardiac center controls heartbeat. There are  lots of centers. They control our breath rate and breathe deepness, stomach function, digestion.

Mid Brain: Mid brain, communicate with the upper cerebrum to lower cerebellum. It controls sound listening.

Thalamus: Thalamus locates on mid-brain. It is a relay center. All messages coming from brain lower zone and spinal cord are processed in thalamus then send to the cerebral cortex.

Hypothalamus: Hypothalamus locates under thalamus. It is a great part of our brain. Combined with pituitary gland, it ensures the Chemical environment in our body. It ensures our body’s natural temperature. It controls our food habits. Our thirsts, sleep, waken control from hypothalamus. Heartbeat, stomach systolic and diastolic function, free urine from the bladder is also controlled by hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the communicating point between the nervous system and the endocrine system. If any physical need essential, hypothalamus spread chemical to activate the pituitary gland. Small part of thalamus, hippocampus, brainstem connected with each other are called the limbic system, that control our emotions. The hypothalamus controls our emotions through the limbic system.

The hypothalamus is a communicating point between mind and body. Any emotional changes write here and that creates an  impact on our physical condition. Emotions are activating on our body through Hypothalamus.

Sensor: Eyes, hands, nose, skin, and tong are five senses of the human body. Five sensor of our body collect information from the environment and send it to brain through the nervous system. We do not feel anything in our sensor. The Sensor only sends information as a wave to the brain. Brain classified the information and take necessary action.

Nervous system: All sensor of our body connect with brain or spinal cord by nerve fiber. When any sensor get any information, then electric wave creates in nerve fiber. This electric wave starts journey to a destination through nerve fiber. Sometimes brain feels it and takes necessary actions or sometimes it works automatically.

Endocrine System: Rapid response in any situation is a characteristic of the nervous system. Endocrine system works slowly. Endocrine produces hormone and transfer hormones in our blood. Then blood transfer hormone for whole body. When hormone reach its destination, then it becomes a factor for change. Hormone system controls Growth, puberty, and reproductive health system.

The hypothalamus gets message from the nerve, then the hypothalamus order pituitary gland to produce necessary hormone. Pituitary gland then orders another gland to produce necessary hormone.

Neuron: Brain and nervous system build on neuron cell. Every neuron has its nucleus and body cell. From this neuron cell, huge nerve fibers spread, which name is axon and dendrite. Nerve fibers communicate with brain, muscle, gland, and   with each other.  However, they do not touch each other. There is a gap between axon and dendrite. It is called a synapse. When the electric wave creates in a nerve, then information starts journey from one neuron to another neuron or muscles. One electric wave signal starts journey to neuron axon and reach to synapse. Neurotransmitter, a chemical atom, comes to collect the message. Then neurotransmitter sends the message to next neurons dendrite or muscle.

This neurotransmitters atom creates impact on our cell. Neurotransmitters send brain thoughts, hope, dream, will to our all body’s cell. Neurotransmitters collect information from the environment through the nervous system and send it to body’s inherent powerhouse, brain.  



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