ESP means extra sensory perception. Our five senses (ear, nose, eye, tong, skin) cannot feel it. We can contact with ESP only through meditation, relaxation, intuition. You can say ESP as an angel. Angels are two types. One type is good and another is bad. Good angel (ESP) always collects and carries revelation from the universal mind. Then ESP passes revelation to the prophet or saint, spiritual leaders, holy person.


We know that our brain always relaxing electrical wave. In deep relaxation or meditation, our brain electrical frequencies become 4-7 cycle per seconds. It is called theta level. On this level, saints or anyone can connect with Universal mind or Super conscious. Then Universal mind sends messages or revelation to the saint or mediator through the ESP. ESP here perform his duties as a medium. In our open eyes, we cannot see any ESP. We can realize and feel ESP through intuition.


Every mind is a terminal of universal mind. This universal mind is a super highway of cosmic information. Though there are many terminals, we can contact with the Universal mind, the superhighway of cosmic information in any moments. Mind can contact with the universal mind when 4-7 cycles frequency created on brain through deep relaxation. Then the mind can send expected information. ESP gets the message from Universal mind and transfer messages through intuition to the conscious  mind. Then the message becomes holy, spiritual for us.


We can also send message to another person who is  in distance mood. How can he get this message from us?  It calls telepathy. Telepathy also activated by ESP.  In deep relaxation, our brain frequency turns into 4-7 cycle per seconds. At this level, our mind can contact with the universal mind. If we send some welfare message to our loved one, then universal mind or super conscious send the message from our brain to expected person’s mind through ESP. Then mind, transform the receiver’s brain information. Then Brain activates its power of welfare. Brain creates new realities for the receiver.

This way, we can use telepathy power by ESP. In every human, this power stays in silent mood. Always this potential power stays in hidden. ESP power is the part of human existence. ESP powers upward our life beyond time and space. 




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