Focusing is the great power of mind. Focusing makes mind and thinking power incredible. If we focus on any works or thinks, then it turns into a new level. Successes on every work or thinks are depending on focusing. Focusing is the base of all skill. Through focusing, we can give logic, take new decision, in our life success secret is depend on focusing our attention.
When our minds think about something or attract to something, then some part of our mental energy expenses. When our thanks are blokes, our mental energy is lost. In every sector of our, we use only some part of our mental energy. Because, most of the time, our mind is busy in imagination, expectation, analyses and frustration. Our minds do at the time, many works. Therefore, we miss most of our mental energy in life.

The main technique of focusing is creating a mental harmony. If we want to do any works, first we must think how much time we will invest and how much mental energy we will invest in that work.
Two technics of focusing:
1) First, relax our body and mind. Then sit or stand for focus.
2) Increasing focus our attention on something, first we should create an emotion in our brain. Create passion in works, which is in our hands. Drive mind through inspiration not by force. Find the interesting things in the works. Connect these interesting things with your hobby or other interest. This is the easiest way of increases attention. Because if we give force on mind, it will be hard to focus.
Passion is the important ingredient for attention. Passion drives the mind. Nothing is saying to you for attention, what you feel important. If we want to increase our mind attention, first we must create passion in our mind about the matter. Attention will come behind, if there is a passion
Passions depend on, attitude and curiosity. Firstly, inspired mind to find the attracting side of the works. Is there something new or extraordinary, create analyses. When we connect a new thing with another, then the mind becomes curious. First, what bore you, then that will attract you. If you want continuous attention to something, you should find something new about that matter.
Mentally, we should conscious about focusing our attention. Take the special attitude to every attention. Mark your works clearly. Specify your goal. Create a mental balance so a speed should be created. You can apply successfully your focusing power, if you know which work is important. So when we start our daily works, we should consciously about our daily routine. Mark those works, which are very important. Specify clear target, after confirming the priority. Make a plan, what result you want this works. Create a mental image of specific targets. Set the image in front of you and complete the works perfectly step by step. Transform the big works into small pieces by breaking. Focusing will not scatter in small works. Try heart and soul to less the surroundings barriers, to focusing our specific works. All less important works should be done in specific times of a day. Your working rhythm is an important ingredient for focusing. Find the time of your physical rhythm. It will be easy for you, give focusing on your mind. Then a beautiful speed will create in the works.
Focusing practices:
1) At first, collect a big or small watch second’s fork.
2) Then relax your mind and body. In addition, focus on second’s fork of the watch.
3) Only for two minutes, focus your mind on the speed of second’s fork of the watch.
4) Stop other things; enter into in your focusing.  Silently return your focusing on the second’s fork.
5) Try continuous travel focusing on second’s fork for a full two minutes.
When we, can use this practice certainly. Look around.  When you are travelling. Collect a matter that could be billed board or any dot.Centralizes your focus for five minutes on which matter you choose. Think there is nothing in the world.



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