Relaxation is the first stage of mind control and meditation. Relaxation is not an easy matter. Relaxation is mind’s positive condition that you cannot achieve without practice.

  Benefits of relaxation:

  • The Mind becomes free from observing the body through relaxation.
  • In relaxation, higher faculties of mind start to work when we close our eyes.
  • Meditation level created through relaxation. You can enter into mind deep zone. The mind becomes peaceful and cool, in a relaxed body no destructive emotions works. Through regular practice, destructive emotion gradually becomes less and once it will be vanish.
  • If body become relaxes then the body’s defense mechanism for disease protection become increases.
  • Through deep relaxation, our thinking becomes clearer and visualization increases. We can feel our thinking clearly and hold our success mental picture for a long time.
  • Controlling on mind increases, if we fully relax ourselves. Alpha wave creates in the brain on relax stage.

Few techniques of relaxation:

  • Take mental and physical preparation.
  • Sit down on, where you feel comfort. Alternatively, you can lie down in bed.
  • Close your eyes and focus your mind on your heart or head’s frontal zone or nose front upper part. For your practice, after closing your eyes you can focus your mind on any part of your body as per your need. Focusing is very important for relaxation. After closing eyes focusing will be started.
  • Focus on heart, take a deep breath and count the number 1 then leave the breath. After every breath, taking, number counting will be increased. You can create a target of 1-100 times count.
  • Imagine the whole breath, when it enters into lungs and leave from the lungs.
  • Imagine you are travelling in a beautiful place. Where there are rivers, ponds, flowers, fountains and birds, butterflies are flying.
  • Imagine, you find a beautiful home in this place. Now you enter the home. Its call your mental home.
  • After entering the mental home, you can sit the home and you can count, recite any auto-suggestion as per your need.
  • You can visualize your mind necessary drama or mental image as per your need.
  • Imagine you are meeting with a great person. Asking him questions. He is giving you the answer.
  • Imagine you are healing yourself.
  • You can imagine all things as per your need, such as combination between right and left-brain, attachment with any natural objects or matter. That attachment means entering of mind into leaves, fruits, magnet, etc. Through your imagination power.


Happiness of relaxation is a matter of feelings. You cannot express it through language. Peace is the first achievement of relaxation. In meditation level all anxiety and tension will be disappearing. How long you are in relaxed, you will be in peace and happiness. Curing of disease becomes rapid in relaxation. Self-defense system of our body becomes fully active by relaxation. Brain use the mental power in health development, increase   intelligence, crises solving, implement the plan after get rid of tension, anxiety through relaxation.









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