Healing cures disease by using mind power. When mind faces emotional problem, then body expresses its reaction. Stress first tight your body’s muscles, then this muscle sends message to brain through nerve. That it is ready to fight for any circumstances. Then brain explain it as a danger and send message to all muscle for to become aware and send chemical messages to different parts of the body. Different parts of body depressed by meaningless message. Therefore, the defense mechanism of body fallen down and decrease the disease cure power. Thereafter, physical and mental disorder increases. In the end, different kinds, diseases create.

We can break the cycle of minds attack only change the muscle behavior. When a muscle becomes excited, then we should consciously relax the muscle. After relaxation, muscle send the message to brain that everything is all right. There is no danger. Then brain rejects muscle signals. If muscles send fewer signals, Brain becomes cooler. At a stage brain, become completely cool. Then mind become relax against tension, emotion, stress. Thereafter, the mind becomes tools for healing.

Now we understand the impact of tension and relaxation. Beside the power, if we use the power of visualization, then visualization will be the tools of cure disease. Not only that, when traditional treatment, medicine become fail, then visualization cured the disease.

Healing is a curing process of disease by using visualization techniques. Everybody has the power of healing himself. However, mostly they lost their hope  alive. They expect that doctors, medicines or any other person will help them to cure. Visualization will not work on them. The people who will want to cure from disease by self-help, visualization activate their internal healing power.

The process of visualization for cure from disease is easy. At first become relax, and then visualize yourself as per disease. If necessary, you can visualize with traditional treatment and medicines. We can use our imagination power creatively to visualization for healing or cure. To use the imagination power in variation, fully depends on person’s mental power and imagination power. Anybody can practice it at home, taking lessons from an expert. Most of the people easily create visualizations.

Example: A cancer patient imagines his cancer cell as  seeds.   Visualize that some   birds taking the seeds. Seeds are becoming less and finally there are no seeds. Then there are no seeds and no disease.

Healing Process:

1) For cure from disease, first practice relaxation.

2) Then take a few moments to imagine as per your disease needs to cure. If we give full focus on imagination, then it turns into visualization. Your brain will get a necessary order through images. The doctors in us will be active immediately and medicine factory of the body starts its works. This way healing will start. We become free from disease.

If we want to be healthy, we must take responsibility of us. Heal oneself is a natural power of his life. If we include our belief system or faith with this natural healing power, traditional treatment become unnecessary in our life.

Healing is also a one kind of prayer. Prayer means outgoing of mind power. Now modern science accepts it. Therefore, when we are doing healing, we can use prayer system for our rapid cure as per religious belief.



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