Inspiration we need because everything is changeable. Joy-sorrow, laugh-weep, earthly nothing is exists able. Our today’s success or failure, nothing is durable. Because   time  is  always moving. Everything changes through time. Bad or good, where the change will go, it completely depends on us. Because, if we presently become frustrated or failure, its roots were in the past, where we used wrong programming in our subconscious mind. This programming can be occurred consciously or unconsciously in our mind. In every failure, there is a successful seed. If we change our subconscious mind’s programming, mind will work properly to achieve success. And we get inspirations.

Not only has the road to success, any journey started firstly from a small step. Through a small step, thousands miles journey started and give us inspiration. When we practice relaxation in everyday, inspirations starts working on our mind. After practicing relaxation regularly, one day we will control the mind power circle. This call meditative level of mind. In meditative level, the mind can overcome all materialistic limits. All saints or Yogi of east turns impossible to possible through the meditative level mind power. All success, cure of disease and accidents are overcome by our meditative level. We can also overcome all our limitations through this meditative level. Using the meditative level, we will be proactive, get success, and achieve good health and disease free life. And also walk on the self-realization life’s path. This meditative level will give us inspirations. Through this meditative level, we will achieve ESP power in our life. ESP power is rooted source of all types of inspirations.

By using this meditative level power, we can use our left and right brain combined. We can achieve wisdom, through successful communication with subconscious and super conscious mind. By this power, we can activate the behind the scene vibration rules for ourselves and humanity. That’s the way we get inspirations and inspire others.

Modern Quantum physics, Neuroscience, Genetic –engineering inspire us to change our world view. Once upon a time science was based on matter. But now science is based on mind. Now modern physics world view is attached to eastern saint’s world view of mind.

Scientist Einstein first invents the mind based physics through his theory of relativity. That invention inspires scientific society to other invention.

Neuroscience is developing last fifty years. The human brain is the main issue of neuroscience. Still now, knowledge about the brain is in primary level. When we think, through everything, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atom changes their location.

Genetic engineering is also another subject that changes the world view of mind. DNA and RNA are the main thing of human body’s cell. All life’s expansions and controlling are based on this DNA and RNA’s preserved data. We can change the life expansion by change the DNA and RNA’s data. This invention establishes the authority of mind and data’s on the matter.

Most of the modern scientist accepts the concept that thinks or mind is the root of all things. This way modern science’s world view attached to eastern saint’s mind base world view. Modern man dedicated themselves to use mind power for inspiring humanity. This truth gives the inspiration of modern world


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