Spiritual Quotes for unlocking your intuition power

Spiritual Quotes

Spiritual quotes are essential for release your intuition  and inspiration. Our intuition can give us a spiritual guide  torch  to become a genius in the world.

  1. Try to find security from your inner spiritual resources

Not from property and social institutions. – Zahir Ahmed

2. Act as per the light within you

Do not act what others have done.-Zahir Ahmed

3. To be a man of Character

Act, according to your convictions. – Zahir Ahmed

4. Make Over-Soul is your only Guide

Say and do what the Over-Soul prompts you. – Zahir Ahmed

5. Be fearless

Follow your intuition. – Zahir Ahmed.

6. Be a non-conformist

Be inconstant. -Zahir Ahmed

7. Believe in your own thought

What is true for you, in your hearts. – Zahir Ahmed.

8.  Be mentally free

Then know your own worth. -Zahir Ahmed

9. Not be an imitator

Be a creator. -Zahir Ahmed

10. What is true in your heart

Must be true for others. – Zahir Ahmed

11. Live your life wholly from  within-Zahir Ahmed.

12. Listen, your inner voice

Become a genius– Zahir Ahmed.

13. Follow your own inwards (Spiritual light)

Do not listen opinion of others. -Zahir Ahmed

14. Follow the voice of the Soul

Then be a great man. – Zahir Ahmed.

15. Every cause has its effects

When the mind is caused, the body is affected. –Zahir Ahmed

16. You have a Divine in your nature

Try to find the Divine. -Zahir Ahmed.

17. Use your intelligence to receive spiritual message.

 Make intelligence is the organs of spirit’s activities. –Zahir Ahmed

18. When you rely on your spiritual perception

Then you will be self-reliant– Zahir Ahmed

19. Our Soul is the sparks of the Soul of the universe. -Zahir Ahmed.

20. Spirit is the ultimate reality

From which all life is derived.– Zahir Ahmed.

21. Divinity unified the universe

Divine  exists in all forms of life. – Zahir Ahmed

22. Believe in your intuition power

That brings you to the Over-Soul. – Zahir Ahmed.

23. Over-Soul Speaks to  the human soul through intuition and inspiration. –Zahir Ahmed.

24. Intuition makes human soul, God like powers

Then Soul can see into the heart of any matter. –Zahir

25. Unlock your intuition power

Realize the mystery of nature. -Zahir Ahmed.

Spiritual quotes are just like a torch light in the dark path. 





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