Inspiring thoughts for unleash hidden potential are a changing agent for life.  Parents have their expectations that their children will be successful man in the eye of societies. Therefore, they feel a sense of failure, if their children do not live up to them. Parent’s great emphasis is on materialistic achievement and scoring points before their friends and neighbors.  Parents neglect spiritual values. Therefore, their children fall victim to these mental pressures. Children are inspired to excel in their studies, to  get secure jobs that pay well, to accumulate  wealth. Many parents do not give too much value on virtues such as gratitude, honesty, integrity, kindness, consideration and tolerance. Because, parents believe worldly success is more important for children than become a creative person.

Due to such social pressure, parents, wrongly, and without thinking, inspire or even force their children to work hard and compete for the so-called social success. They impose their value system on their children, who are under pressure to be smart, to be popular, and to excel. Children are under the impression that success means the ability to compete, conquer and defeat opposition, reject the need to establish an inner harmony with the soul.

Whether the children have the passion or not, they are, expect to attend classes on computers, music, ballet, swimming and so on, under the  belief that such activities are very important for success and happiness in life. There is nothing wrong in pursuing such healthy activities if the children have an interest and have the  talents required.

Parents should not create pressure  upon their children to be brilliant beyond their capabilities, to be leaders when they have no leadership talent or to be star athletes when they have no sporting attributes. Because of unrealistic goals, children are forced into mental pressure. Therefore, they always feel bored. They are not able to lead a stress free life.  These pressures have also the  consequence of giving rise to emotional insecurity in their life. Parents should not transfer their ambitions to children and rob  children’s childhood.

Discover Hidden Potential:

A parent should be aware of the potential within his child-of what he can unlock in the future in his own way and his own good time. You cannot expect  from a primary  student to set his future on going to university, fix his career, or about his family life. However, one thing is certain. Every child is full of potential to unlock. Every child has some talent, some potential, special gift that he gets from God as a birth gift. An academically stupid child may be born with gift in motor mechanics or cooking. It is, therefore, the duty of parents to recognize what a child good at, his aptitude, to pay particular focus on such gifts or talents, and inspire the child to develop them for the good of society and the child’s sense of fulfillment. Try to train the children as per  their ability to do something, which they can do for their living.


Once a boy, who gifted from God in poetry, was born into a poor family. His talent impressed many people, but not his father. Because his father was illiterate and not able to recognize  his son’s talent. One day, when the son replied to his father in poetry, his father became very angry. Then he started beating the boy. While the father caned, the boy replied to his father in poetry.

“Dear father, please,

Cane me if you must;

But   poetry is the gift I was born with,

It’s   a gift I did not ask for

Nor is it one that I could lose;

Allow me, dear father, to use it at least.”

These inspiring thoughts inspire us to unleash our hidden potential.




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