Christian inspirational quotes are eternal and everlasting

Christian inspirational quotes are eternal and everlasting. Reading the Bible regularly, we enrich our mind and soul with bible inspirational quotes, which are spiritual and eternal. We will get spiritual power and become a spiritual person.

Christian inspirational quotes |Birth Gift| Hidden potential.

In the bible, Jesus Christ revealed, “All you have gained different types of gifts from  all mighty God as a birth gift. If the Gift is the power of sayings God, revealed as a prophet, then he should speech God revelation as per belief. If it is the power of giving services, so you can give the services. If anyone has got the power of giving education, he should give the knowledge to others. If anyone has the power of motivation, he should motivate people. Who do have the power of donation, he should donate anything to others with kind-heartedly. Who does have the power of leadership, he should lead with passion. He who has the power to help others, he should help others with happy mind. ” VOLUME 6, Romio-12, Verses (6-8) 

Christian Inspirational quotes |Donation.

One day JESUS CHRIST was conversing with religious leaders in Baitul- Mukaddas. After completing conversation, JESUS observes, rich peoples are donating their money in a donation box. Then JESUS watches that a poor widow come and donate 2 coins in the donation box. Then Jesus called his followers and said  “I am really saying all of you, this old poor widow donated much than others. Because, the rich peoples donated from their huge assets. But this lady donated all her property though she is in poor economic condition.” Volume 3, Luke-21,
When any one read the bible, he will get  christian inspirational quotes that will help him to gain spiritual power. 



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